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You get a new Fabusend! button right beside your existing SEND button.

how fabusend button works

We're talking EASY! Watch our tutorial video:

There is also a Secondary way to use Fabusend

Note: this is how you send from smart phones too:  When sending your emails, simply type in the extension: [.fabusend.com]
after any recipients' email address.  For example: to send a branded email to jane@janedoe.com, you would type jane@janedoe.com.fabusend.com.  That's all there is to it!  Typing this simple extension will instantly apply your Smart Letterhead to any email, and what's nice is that the branding extension also remains invisible; your recipients will never see it.
*You can also add the branding extension to your whole contact list (one-time) and not have to type anything.

Fabusend "plugs right in" to all of these major email systems:

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