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  • Smart technology.  Unlike any other e-letterhead or e-stationary, ours does not go to spam or junk mail, period.  It also displays perfectly on iPhones and iPads.  More

  • Lowest price.  About a hundred bucks for unlimited use!  How many emails do you send a year?  Get 10's to 100's of thousands of smart branded ads for your business or cause.  More

  • Most Features.  Fabusend is the only email branding product on the market that comes with its own built-in email tracking technology, as well as its own interactive Live Links buttons (or icons).  No other e-stationery or e-letterhead product can do this.  More

  • Nothing to learn.  If you can 'Send' email, you can "Fabusend' email, period!  More

  • On or Off.  Unlike other e-branding products, you are never forced to use your smart letterhead, once installed.  You can "Send" OR "Fabusend" your emails, with 1 simple click of a button, whenever you choose.  More

  • Use it daily.  Smart letterhead is for use with your regular daily emails, both business and personal, it's up to you.  Unlike email blast services, such as Constant Contact, Fabusend works with sending, AND replying, AND forwarding; and is always controlled by you, not somebody else.  (It also works great with Cc's and Bcc's, groups, and distribution lists!).

  • Total compatibility.  We have created the world's only, patent pending software "plug ins" for all of the major email programs in use today, making it unbelievably easy to install and use.  Fabusend seamlessly plugs right in to Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail (and Live Mail), Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL webmail, Apple/Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Top Producer, and many more.

  • Unmatched designs.  These are not generic email backgrounds or templates.  We have hundreds of unique, award winning designs for you to choose from, and we also do custom one-off designs.  More

  • Full service & handcrafted.  Everything is hand-made for you by us, and approved by you, with artwork turnaround times of just 3-5 business days.

  • No extra charges.  Use it from as many different computers, laptops, smart phones, and email programs as you wish, FREE.  Limited future artwork edits are FREE.  Expert technical support is also FREE.  More

  • Unmatched Guarantee & no contracts.  Zero risk to you: use it unlimited for a full month.  If you're not amazed, get a full refund, period.  There are also no contracts so you can cancel at anytime.  More

  • Awesome Referral program.  It's called Referral Royalties because it pays you over & over again.  Get paid by us for up to 3 years in a row on the same sale you cause, just by using your awesome smart letterhead!  More

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