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Designs FAQ:


Q. How do I get my picture to you?  A. You can upload it right on our order page, or you can email to us.  Preferred picture formats are .psd, .jpg, .png or .bmp.  If you do not have a digital picture, you can mail one to us through the post and we will scan it, digitize it, and upload it to your Fabusend design for you, free of charge.  If requested, we will even email you back a copy of the electronic version, and finally, mail the original photo(s) back to you, if you provide a return-addressed, postage-paid envelope.


You can upload your logo on our order page, or simply email it to us. Alternatively, you can show us where to get it on the Internet and we will format, optimize and incorporate it into your letterhead.

Contact info, titles, designations, slogans, etc.

All of this info can be entered right into our secure order page when you sign up. Any special requests can be emailed to us at visuals[AT]fabusend.com.

How to choose a design

There are hundreds of free designs to choose from.  Just click the "Designs" button at the very top or bottom of this page to see all the choices.  Once you have made your selection, you can then enter your design number right into our secure order page.

Custom Designs

If you do not want to use one of the Free ready-made designs in our gallery (which still get customized with your logo, photo & info) you can choose a Custom, "just-for-you" design instead, for a one-time extra cost of $79. Perfect if you want your design to exactly match your website or existing branding! See hundreds of actual Custom designs we have done,here: www.fabusend.com/beautiful-designs-custom.php

1) Custom designs are not refundable once created.
2) We do not create Custom designs from scratch; we can match your website or existing branding only.

Can I supply my own design to you and avoid the Custom design charge?

NEW!  Supply us with your own custom design (exact designs only) and save the $79 custom design fee it's FREE.  *Please note: must be 188 x 750 pixels wide and your design must be accompanied with original (layered) artwork files.

How to order a custom design

Simply select the custom design option on our secure order page when you sign up, and enter your website address if you have one.  A designer will then contact you directly to discuss.

Original Artwork

Fabusend does not create logos, or custom designs from scratch.  We only duplicate/reproduce existing artwork for use with our system.

How do I know I will like the Custom design you do for me?

You have final approval on your artwork.  We will work on it until you are completely satisfied with what we create for you.

Will you send me my Custom design in a separate file?  I might want to use it for other things such as my website, paper letterhead etc.


Can I get a custom artwork design at a later date, or do I have to decide now?

You can always go to a custom design later and the $79 cost will not change.

Design Editing

If you require future artwork changes/edits to your letterhead, such as your phone number, photo, or address for example, we will be happy to do this for you. The fee for this service is $35.00. 


Should you wish to have a completely different design made for you, after your original order has been created and delivered, Fabusend charges a pre-paid, non-refundable re-make fee of $59.00

Additional/Extra Designs

Q. Can I have more than one design?  A. Yes. Second/extra letterheads (different than your first) are now available, with the following conditions:
1) you must have an entirely different email address for use with your second/extra letterhead.
2) is available for webmail only (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail). It is not available for desktop email such as MS Outlook.
3) PRICE BREAK: 50% off for Gold members: just $69.50!

Partner/Team Designs

Add a Partner or Team Members to your smart letterhead, for half-price per extra Member, provided that you all share the exact same unaltered letterhead.  A single (group shot) picture of all of you is preferred but we will entertain up to 4 separate pictures, in the same letterhead.  You can all send out with the same letterhead, from as many email addresses as you both have, and receive separate tracking data to whichever member sent out. SAMPLE PRICING: First Fabusend Gold account: $139. First extra Member: $69.50. Second extra Member: $69.50. Team total: $278

For teams/groups requiring different artwork (different pictures, designs, etc) please see individual pricing.  Orders of 10 or more may inquire about volume discounts.


Turnaround time

Q. How long will it take to receive my Fabusend letterhead?  A. Please allow up to 2-7 business days.  Turnaround time varies and is based on demand.

Design Gallery Color Changes

Only for our Classics design section can we guarantee basic color changes (backgrounds) to existing free designs.  Feel free to inquire about color changes for other designs and we'll try to accommodate.

Free Design Request

If you do not see a design that you think should already be offered in the Fabusend design gallery for free, you can SUGGEST A DESIGN. If we create it, you'll be the first to get it!

SEND it or FabuSEND it!

Q. Once set up, do I have to use my letterhead every time I send email, or do I have the choice not to use it?  A.  You control it.  Use it or do not use it whenever you like.

Existing signatures or disclaimers

In no way will Fabusend email letterhead affect any signatures, signature blocks or disclaimers which you may already be using.


Q. Can I have a footer, or is it just the header/letterhead?  A. We do not do footers.  They can break in email "threads" and with replies & forwards.  They can also cause alignment and text-wrap problems.  Beyond beautiful, Fabusend Smart Letterhead behaves correctly in all scenarios, and cannot "break" or cause "nesting" in email strings.

iPhones, Blackberries, etc.

Fabusend Email branding works perfectly on, to & from iPhones.  It also works on, to & from the newer Blackberry models such as the Blackberry Storm & Bold.  You can send branded emails from any PDA or smart phone, old or new; but for receiving emails, only the newer ones will display your branding by default.


Q. Can I brand the real estate listings I send too?   A. Probably!

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