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General FAQ:

What is Fabusend?

fab'u'lous -adjective
1. almost impossible to believe; incredible: a fabulous product

send -verb
1. to cause, permit, or enable to go: to send an email

fabusend -homemade
1. fabulous new way to send email: www.Fabusend.com

Fabusend is the first & only Smart Letterhead for email; it is Email Letterhead (sometimes referred to as email stationery &/or misspelled as email stationary) with built-in Email Tracking and interactive Live Links, plus several other features, such as Referral Royalties, auto re-send capability, view in browser capability, and exclusive software "plug ins" for all the major email systems.

What is the benefit?

What are the features?

How popular is Fabusend?

Fabusend is in very wide use with paying customers in at least 10 countries.

How Do I Use Fabusend?

Simply install our special "Plug In" for your type of email.  You get a brand new FabuSEND button right beside your existing SEND button…so it couldn't be easier.  All of the major email systems are supported, such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail, AOL webmail, and many more.

There is another simple way to use your new letterhead, regardless of what kind of email you use.  When sending your emails, simply type in the extension: [.fabusend.com] after any recipients' email address.

For example: to send a branded email to jane@janedoe.com, you would type jane@janedoe.com.fabusend.com.  That's all there is to it!  Typing this simple extension will instantly apply your new Smart Letterhead to any email, complete with the invisible email tracking.  What's nice is that the branding extension also remains invisible; your recipients will never see it.

Do you have tech support?  Is there a cost?

Fabusend includes fast, free technical help by email.  We do not have technical help by phone.  For escalated, level 2 tickets (which are rare) we offer expert level, remote screen sharing.

How do I get started?

1. Sign up here on our website.  Click any "Buy it now" button, found on most pages.

2. Choose a free letterhead design from our gallery, or select a Custom design option.  Both can be accomplished on our secure order page.

3. Upload your picture now, or email it to us later at visuals(at)fabusend.com.  Same thing goes: our secure order page shows you exactly what to do.

That’s it!  It only takes a minute or two.  We then build your letterhead, send it to you for artwork approval, and then activate it for your instant use.

Is it ad-free or does it add unwanted things to my listings or Emails?

Fabusend is 100% free of any & all ads.  It contains no adware, spyware, or pop ups of any nature.  We do not share, rent or sell your Email address with anyone.  There are no surprises…we just want to show you the best email branding & tracking available in the world today!

iPhones, Blackberries, etc.

Fabusend Email branding and email tracking works perfectly on, to & from iPhones.  It also works on, to & from the newer Blackberry models such as the Blackberry Storm & Bold.  For older models, you can send branded emails from any PDA or smart phone, but for receiving emails, only the newer ones will display your branding and generate tracking data.

Where can I read your Privacy Policy?


Where can I read your Terms and Conditions?

Read them here

Where can I see your Platinum Guarantee?

See it here

Can I link to you?

Yes.  Add a link to us anywhere on your website!


Q. Are there any email systems Fabusend does not work on/with?  A. There are no limitations, Fabusend is truly universal.  It works on everything, like: Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook Express, AOL, Mac, Windows Mail and more.


Q. Are there any limitations? Does it work on replies too, or just new emails?  What about mass emails?  A. Use Fabusend for new emails or replies to emails.  Use it for mass emails as well, our customers do so daily.


Q. Are there any restrictions whatsoever?  A. Fabusend.com can be used anywhere in the world except for France.  France has unique privacy laws that do not permit email tracking.  Email tracking is built-in to Fabusend.  Because of this, you cannot use Fabusend.com in France, or for/with emails sent to France.  The only exception would be if you turned your tracking off in advance, and just used the branding.

I am a REALTOR®.

Q. Can it brand and track the real estate listings I send too?  A. Probably!

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