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Live Links FAQ:

What are Live Links?

Live Links are special "hot-linked" buttons that get added to your email letterhead.

What is the benefit?

Instantly increase your website traffic.  Tell people more about you, and look more professional.

What are the most popular uses?

Selling and recruiting.

How popular are Live Links as an upgrade?

9 in 10 customers add Live Links to their order.

What are some popular examples of buttons?

“Visit My Website”, “About Us”, “Careers”, “Specials”, “New Arrivals”, “Reserve Online”, “Join us”, “Clearance”, “Google Maps”, “Request Catalog”, “Stock Quotes”, “Just listed”, “Recently Sold”, “Testimonials”, “Contact”, “Order Now” and many more.

Why is there an annual cost?

Live Links need to be hosted and maintained.  They may also need to be changed or edited in terms of button titles and/or their Internet address (URL) destinations.


How do I get Live Links?

Simply select the Fabusend Gold package ($40 more than the Basic package) on our secure order page when you sign up.  An email will automatically get sent to you with a list of suggestions for your actual buttons.  We ask that you select up to 5 choices and submit them to us by reply email.

Can I upgrade to Live Links (Fabusend Gold) at a later date and will I still get the $40 cost?



Q. I am interested in a certain template design, and wonder if the style/layout of Live Links can be changed.  A. Please inquire; we may or may not be able to do so, depending on the design.


Q. Are there any web addresses that cannot be used as Live Links?  A. Virtually any web address beginning with "www" will work.


We limit Live Links buttons to 5.  Adding more than 5 can compromise throughput & deliverability of your branded emails.

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