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Referral Royalties FAQ:

What is Referral Royalties™?

It is a unique automatic referral program that pays out ongoing referral money to our own customers.  We say ongoing because the program continues to pay Fabusend customers over & over again, for up to 3 more years, as their referred sales continue to renew their annual subscriptions with Fabusend.

What is the benefit?

Passive income!  Create an extra revenue stream. 

How does it work?

It's all driven by your Referral link.  Every one of our customers gets a small Referral link at the bottom of their letterhead (it says: "Get Smart Letterhead like this.").  We embed a special code into it for you, called your RPC.  RPC stands for Referral Pay Code.  When people click on your Referral link, they get taken straight to our website, and your RPC automatically gets loaded into our order page, where your RPC automatically cuts $100 off of the Fabusend purchase price for them.  If they decide to purchase Fabusend, your RPC gets tracked and you get paid a huge $40.00* Referral on that sale.  Then, each year as they renew their Fabusend subscription, you continue to get paid Royalties on that same sale:  $20 per year to a maximum of 3 years.

Why does it work?

5 rock solid reasons why Referral Royalties™ works:

  • Email Moves. Unlike websites which sit still, emails move. Experience has taught us that if you want to get a message out there, you better be dealing in the things that move.
  • Impact. People are conditioned to seeing plain black & white e-mails.  As you can imagine, Fabusend branded color emails have enormous impact on people, sort of like HD TV versus B&W. They see yours and wonder how they can get Fabusend for their own email.
  • Benefit. People get the maximum discount (half price!), only through you and your Referral link.  They also become empowered to earn Fabusend Referral Royalties™ themselves.
  • Instant Gratification. People see something awesome, they click, and they 'Get it Now'.  They do not fool around with coupons, typing codes, or having to learn things.
  • Accountability. You can log in to your Fabusend Dashboard, 24 x 7, to see how much money you are owed, who signed up by first & last name as well as their email address.
What is a Referral link?

A Referral link is a special text link located at the very bottom of your letterhead.  It contains your built-in Referral Pay Code, or RPC.  Every time someone clicks your link and signs up with Fabusend the RPC automatically gives that person a great discount, and makes sure our system knows you referred them so you get paid by us.

What is an RPC?

It is a Referral Pay Code.  As described above, it's a special tracking code that gets embedded into your Referral link, ensuring that you get paid for any & all sales caused (referred or accidentally referred) by you.  An RPC also triggers maximum discounts on our secure order page, so your referrals get Fabusend for the lowest possible price.

How Much Do I Get Paid?

You get paid a huge $40* Referral on every sale you cause.  Then, each year as they renew their Fabusend subscription, you continue to get paid Royalties on that same sale:  $20 per year to a maximum of 3 years.  Summary: get paid $40* now, and up to another $60 over 3 years, for a total of $100* for just one sale.

How and when do I get paid?

We email payments via PayPal every month. A PayPal account (free) is required in order to receive payments from Fabusend.

What currency do I get paid in?

You get paid in the currency of your country.

Can I get paid on sales made by others?

No.  Referral Royalties™ is not MLM in any way.  You cannot get paid any amount on, from, or as a result of sales made by anyone except yourself.

What if I get someone to sign up, and they have 10 others sign up?

Q. Can I get paid something for those 10 sales?  A. No.  As above, Referral Royalties™ is not MLM in any way.  You cannot get paid any amount on, from, or as a result of sales made by anyone except yourself.

Can I get paid if I get a whole company or group to sign up?

Yes!  Fabusend has special volume pricing for companies & group sign ups.  If you refer such a sale, you will get paid 20% of the total raw dollar value of the group spend (purchase amount).  Going forward, Royalties are also payable for up to 3 years, at a rate of 10% of the total raw dollar value of the group spend.  Royalties are of course based on actual subscription renewals.  If for example a group you refer spends $5,000.00, you would get 20% of that amount right away, which is $1,000.00.  You would also get paid $500.00 more each year for up to 3 years in a row as that group renews their Fabusend annual group subscription.

How Do I Participate in the Referral Royalties™ Program?

It is included with every sign up at no extra cost.  It comes built-in to your letterhead.  You do nothing.

Is there a fee?

No.  There is no extra cost to participate whatsoever.  The Fabusend Referral Royalties™ program is included with every subscription.

How do I get my Referral link?

Your Referral link comes pre-loaded (and coded) in your Fabusend Letterhead.

Can I get a different Referral link?


Can I have my Referral link removed?

Yes, but we do not recommend it.  You will essentially be forfeiting any Referral Royalty payments by doing so.

Can I change the location of my Referral link?


Where can I see my RPC?

It gets sent to you as soon as you sign up.  You can also see your RPC in your Fabusend Dashboard.  You can also test it by clicking on your own referral link, which will take you to the Fabusend website…where you can click any "Buy it Now" button and confirm that your RPC automatically loads in the Order page.  The first two letters will be your initials.

Should I do anything with my RPC?

Sure.  Jot it down so you have it handy for phone referral sales or word of mouth at any given time.

How successful is the program?

Referral Royalties™ has been very successful to date.  We are now sending monthly payouts to Fabusend clients in numerous countries.

Can I have more than one RPC?

No.  Only one RPC per Fabusend account is available.  If you buy a second Fabusend account, you can get a separate RPC for that account.  A separate email address is required to do so.


Q.  What tools do you have for sales and reporting?  A. See how much money you've made…in real-time!  Clients can now log in 24/7 to their Fabusend Dashboard and get up-to-date reports, including the first & last name, email address, day & date of every sale caused.

Can I get a full or partial refund or credit?

Q. Iím already a Fabusend customer and I paid full price for the service.  Can I get a full or partial refund or credit?  A. We do not issue full or partial credits or refunds on your original purchase.

Back pay

Q. I may have already sent Referral sales to Fabusend. Can I get back-paid for them, or receive retroactive commissions once I sign up as an client?  A. No we do not issue any back dated or retroactive sales Referral commissions.

Fabusend client in good standing:

Clients must remain paid Fabusend clients in good standing in order to benefit from any ongoing or future payments, commissions, Referral fees and/or Royalties.  Referral Royalties™ that are payable up to three (3) years in the future shall only be paid to clients whose primary user accounts with Fabusend are paid in full and up-to-date at that time.  Should you exercise your 30 day right to refund on your Fabusend purchase, you forfeit any and all Referral payments and Referral Royalties™ that may be owed, due or payable to you.

Where can I review the Fabusend Referral Royalties™ agreement?

CLICK HERE to see the Fabusend Referral Royalties™ agreement


Q. Is there a limit to how much money I can make?  A. No it is unlimited.


*Applies to all annual sign ups. Monthly sign ups also fully qualify but are subject to a 12 month hold period for payout.

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