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Technical FAQ:

How do I use Fabusend?

Simply install our special "Plug In" for your type of email.  You get a brand new FabuSEND button right beside your existing SEND button…so it couldn't be easier.  All of the major email systems are supported, such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Apple Mail (Mac Mail), Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail, AOL webmail, Thunderbird, and many more.

There is another simple way to use your new letterhead, regardless of what kind of email you use.  When sending your emails, simply type in the extension: [.fabusend.com] after any recipients' email address.

For example: to send a branded email to jane@janedoe.com, you would type jane@janedoe.com.fabusend.com.  That's all there is to it!  Typing this simple extension will instantly apply your new Smart Letterhead to any email, complete with the invisible email tracking.  What's nice is that the branding extension also remains invisible; your recipients will never see it.  *You can also add the branding extension to your whole contact list (one-time) and not have to type again/individually.

What are the technical merits?  Can't I just do this myself?

Don't try this at home!  Numerous technical trade secrets go into our product, making it ultra fast, featherweight, and spam filter friendly.  Our product was designed with spam filters in mind.  Our typical spam score at a leading authority is 1.7 on a scale of 10, with 4.5 being universally acceptable…ensuring it does not get treated as spam, or land in bulk/junk mail.  Amazingly, typical email file sizes (fully branded, with razor sharp graphics) are just 5-7K…as opposed to 85-100K that "the others" offer.  Technical elements such as:

Do you have tech support?  Is there a cost?

Fabusend includes fast, free technical help by email.  We do not have technical help by phone.  For escalated, level 2 tickets (which are rare) we offer expert level, remote screen sharing.

Will my branded emails go to Bulk/Junk Mail?

Your emails will not go to bulk or junk folders because of using Fabusend.  For your own peace of mind, the way to test this is as follows: if you ever do have an email that lands in a recipients' bulk/junk mail box, just send them another email: an un-branded email (without using Fabusend).  We can assure you that the test email will also go to their bulk/junk.  This is because spam filters are not perfect.  If you are like everyone else, you find good emails in your bulk/junk mail everyday.  In fact, we are basically trained to look carefully through our junk mail so as not to accidentally delete good emails.  Again, the reason for this is because spam filters are simply not perfect.

*If a recipient ever tells you they found your good email in their bulk/junk mail, make sure they don't just "move it" to their inbox.  That is a mistake.  The important step here, which is in fact an opportunity, is to mark the email as "Not Junk".  Doing this will automatically 1) move it to the inbox, AND 2) it will "train" the spam filter to never treat your email like that again. Again, spam filters are not perfect! And Fabusend is so advanced, it is the closest thing there is to "plain text" email; which is why the odds of an email going to bulk/junk because of using Fabusend…are slim to none.

You can also request to be added as a contact with any recipient in question.  Doing you automatically makes you a Safe Sender which will override any/all delivery issues.

On occasion there are tiny red X's instead of images when I open a branded email…

In the event a recipient has their images blocked, most email systems have an option to "Display" or "Always Display" images from this sender.  It is best to click "Always Display" for the obvious reasons.  In addition, being added as a contact (safe sender) with your recipients will over ride blocked images ensuring that this does not happen in the first place.

This is in addition to the extra measure Fabusend includes, which is the 'View in Browser' link.  Viewing your branded email in a browser displays your branding/images perfectly to your recipient, even if their email images are blocked (or in plain text mode).  It also offers your recipient easy instructions on how to add you as a Safe Sender.  Beyond that, it also generates a Fabusend email tracking notice to you, telling you that your branded email did in fact get viewed.

Fabusend has also spent much time minimizing any display impact in the event that images are blocked.  For example, all branded messages are "multi-part" -meaning your recipients will always receive your written text in any scenario, and also that your recipients will not see unsightly large X's or boxes and such.  Everything has been minimized to the highest possible level, so your mail still reads well, does not look silly, and still offers the 'View in Browser' link, even when images are blocked.

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