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Tracking FAQ:

What is Fabusend Invisible Tracking*?

It is a dual (positive and negative) email tracking technology that is built in to your Fabusend branded email letterhead.  The positive tracking tells you when your emails get opened, and the negative tracking tells you when your emails do not get opened.

What is the benefit?

No more wondering if they got it or not. Also know if people are interested or not.  The tracking provides priceless marketing cues, like when to call & follow up with clients, and when not to call.  The negative tracking not only tells you when your emails do not get opened, it shows you how to fix them so it does not happen again, by adding an "Auto-Resend" feature complete with "Safe Sender Request".

Why is it called Invisible?

It is invisible and seamless.  It is not a type of courtesy request.  It is automatic, embedded tracking that cannot be seen.

How does it work?

There are 2 ways get the tracking information.  By default, automatic emails get sent to you as the activity occurs, or, you can sign in to your Fabusend Dashboard and get all of your tracking information in one place, at a glance (and have no notices sent to you).  You can try both ways and change as often as you like without assistance or cost.

How detailed is it?

How does the Auto-Resend feature work?

For unopened emails, you can automatically re-send them, with 1 click in "plain text" format that includes a link to your original branded message.  When your recipient clicks on this link, your original branded email gets displayed in a browser for them.  This also generates a tracking notice to you…so you know it was successful.  It even includes a unique "Safe Sender Request" -another Fabusend exclusive technology that helps ensure your branded emails always get received as intended.

How do I do an Auto-Resend?

You can automatically re-send an email right from within the actual Un-read notice you receive with just 1 click.  You can also Automatically Resend emails from your Fabusend Dashboard.  There is even a batch (mass) Resend feature in your Dashboard.

How do I get Invisible Tracking*?

It is included with every sign up at no extra cost.  It comes built-in to your letterhead.  You do nothing.

Is it adjustable?

Yes.  Turn it on or off completely whenever you like.  You control the settings.  For negative/reverse tracking for example, you can adjust your settings to track anywhere between 1 through 72 hours for you.  48 hours is the default setting.  What this means is that, if/when 48 hours have elapsed and they have not opened your branded email, you will know, and can do something about it (like automatically re-send it with 1 click, that includes a Safe Sender request as described above).

How do I adjust my settings?

Just sign in to your Fabusend Dashboard to do so.

What about Preview Panes, as used in Microsoft Outlook?

Yes.  If a recipient views your branded email in a Preview Pane, such as MS Outlook uses, it will be tracked.

I received an "Un-Read" tracking notice for an email that I am certain was opened.

Fabusend Invisible Tracking is extremely accurate but, like call display, cannot be guaranteed to work every time.  If, for example a recipient has their images blocked or is using plain text email (quite rare these days, even for smart phones), a Fabusend tracking notice will not be generated.  Consequently, in such a scenario, you could also receive an "Un-Read" tracking notice from our system…for an email that was in fact opened.  The reason for this is that the tracking system did not initially detect a "View" or 'Open"…and as such triggered the sending of an Un-Read notice to you, as a safe guard.  Acting on an Un-Read notice like this, by using the system's Auto-Resend feature, is harmless to anyone, with the whole premise being about courtesy & responsibility on the sender's (your) behalf; not to mention it also encourages recipients to add you as a Safe Sender.  Using Auto Resend also provides the recipient with the opportunity to view your message (with your branding) in a browser…which over rides both plain text email and blocked images.  It should also be noted that when a recipient Views your re-sent email in a browser, a Fabusend tracking notice does indeed get generated for you.


Q. Are there any restrictions whatsoever?  A. Fabusend.com can be used anywhere in the world except for France.  France has unique privacy laws that do not permit email tracking.  As above, email tracking is built-in to Fabusend.  Because of this, you cannot use Fabusend.com in France, or for/with emails sent to France.  The only exception would be if you turned your tracking off in advance, and just used the branding.


*Fabusend Invisible Tracking is extremely accurate but, like call display, cannot be guaranteed to work every time.  If a recipient has images blocked, tracking data cannot be generated.  Fabusend's auto re-send feature does offer a solution for this though; as it includes a unique Safe Sender request (once recognized as a Safe Sender, images are typically displayed, regardless of settings).

iPhones, Blackberries, etc.

Fabusend Invisible Tracking* works perfectly on, to & from iPhones.  It also works on, to & from the newer Blackberry models such as the Blackberry Storm & Bold.  Older PDA/smart phone models that do not display HTML cannot generate tracking data.

I am a REALTOR®.

Q. Can it track the real estate listings I send too?  A. Probably!

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