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Give Your Emails an Unfair Advantage

-with "Smart Letterhead", by Fabusend. It's branded email stationery, re-invented.

It's the ONLY email letterhead that comes with its own built-in email tracking.

Email branding and email tracking: together at last!

Our red hot option: you can also add special “Live Links” which actively connect your
branded emails to your website, listings, or other online pages.

"I have been very happy with Fabusend. In fact, I often say that the Fabusend investment was the best I did in 10 years of real estate. Low cost and great benefits." - Jeanne Lefebvre

As seen in Realtor Mag, cool tools & buyer's guide

Outshine your competitors every time you click "Send"
FACT: Branded emails make you look more professional, and make customers feel more comfortable.

Know if your emails get opened or not
FACT: Email tracking can tell you when to call, and when not to call prospects: priceless information.

Dramatically increase your website traffic!
FACT: Interactive Live Links buttons can automatically convert email recipients into website visitors.
With Fabusend, each email "pushed" out is another web visitor "pulled" in…

Become an expert in under 3 minutes. Watch our video!

See twelve great reasons why fabusend

Did you know?  "Email stationary" is the most common spelling error for email stationery.  Having said that, do you call it email stationery, or do you call it email letterhead?  Email branding or branded email?  Some call it email backgrounds, some call it email templates, and others even refer to it as email signatures.  However you refer to it, you have found the right place…and as popular as it is in real estate, Fabusend is not just for Realtors!

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