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Now add a Partner or Team Members to your letterhead, for 50% off!

  • You can now add a Partner or Team Members to your smart letterhead, for half-price per extra Member, provided that you all share the exact same unaltered letterhead.
  • A single (group shot) picture of all of you is preferred but we will entertain up to 4 separate pictures, in the same letterhead.
  • You can all send out with the same letterhead, from as many different email addresses as you all have, and from as many different computers, laptops, tablets or phones as you all have.
  • Each Member will also receive their own separate tracking data.
  • PLEASE NOTE: if any Member cannot share the exact same unaltered letterhead, (example: someone requires different Live Links) they would need to get their own account (see individual pricing).
  • SAMPLE PRICING: First Fabusend Gold account: $139. First extra Member: $69.50. Second extra Member: $69.50. Team total: $278

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Managing Brokers only: Inquire about special "Private Subscriber", volume pricing!

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