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Dear Fabusend,

It's all true!  Fabusend is a real money maker.  I get automatic Referral pay checks from these people every month, like clockwork.  I want everyone to know that the Fabusend "Referral Royalties™" program is absolutely brilliant, it’s the REAL DEAL and I'm so happy I got on, what I like to call "the Fabusend Money Train".

Fabusend "brands" all my emails in full color like you see here, so they get 10 times the attention of regular emails.  (It does the very same thing for MLS listings too).  As soon as they are opened by people, I know right away thanks to Fabusend’s “Invisible Tracking".  That’s priceless marketing information!  As if that’s not enough, Fabusend even pays me, every month, for all the other folks that sign up accidentally!  They see my branded email template, click to get their own; and presto, the Money Train is triggered…paying me again and again.  It’s all automatic; I often don’t even talk to these referral sign ups that I cause.

I heard about Fabusend through a system I’ve been using for some time, called AddBranding.  Fabusend could be the coolest thing for REALTORS® ever.  At less than a hundred bucks, it's literally recession-proof.  In our tough US economic climate, you need this now more than ever.  I am a technology instructor who speaks to agents all over the country and over the years I’ve pretty much seen it all.  I can tell you I’ve been waiting a long time for something like this, and I think that Fabusend is in a league of its own.  If you do not have Fabusend yet, you should stop what you’re doing right now and get on it.

-Brett Noel

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