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I have never seen anything quite like Fabusend. The company did a live presentation to our office and virtually all of our agents signed up for the system…on the spot. In all my years in the industry, I don't recall that happening with any system or product, at any price.

Fabusend transforms our regular MLS listings into powerful exclusive marketing pieces, and then applies serious tracking intelligence to them. As a result, the agent knows what action to take, because for the first time, can actually gauge their clients interest in any given property, thanks to the technology. The Fabusend invisible tracking tells them what properties their clients are actually looking at online, and even how many times. They could probably rename the technology "Mindreading 101"…brilliant stuff!

It's simpler than simple to use and it's very inexpensive.  In my opinion, Fabusend is essential, not optional technology for any serious real estate agent.

-Rick Valouche

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