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I was using a regular email stationery service (called OnLetterhead) with mixed results - IF the person received it, they loved it, but there seemed to be quite a few people who never received my email.  I found that using this type of "stationery" was causing my emails to land in people's junk folders…so I was actually paying MY hard earned money to NOT have items delivered!  PLUS, I was limited in what I could use "in" the actual letter itself (i.e. - types of photos, graphics, etc.).  I also tried another simpler, cheaper program for a short time as well and with similar limitations.  One morning, as I was listening to "The Real Estate Coach Radio" program ( they mentioned what they called a "Smart Letterhead" by Fabusend.  It came with rave reviews, so I thought I might give this type of "fancy email" one more shot.  I was impressed with Fabusend's "Platinum Guarantee", so I rolled up my sleeves and decided to really check this one out.  AND AM I EVER GLAD I DID.  "Smart" is an under-statement!  This product is absolutely cutting edge.  I would equate it to the iPhone of cell phones.  The delivery factor is BETTER than the plain text b & w emails…it's that good.  And the "Invisible Tracking" it comes with, the Live Links buttons, not to mention the actual design quality…are simply the best I have seen.

The fact that I can easily check in on the User Dashboard is a GREAT business device.  I know IF a person received an email, WHEN they read it, and even each time they RE-READ it.  Much as 'Certified Mail' from the Post Office does, I can confidently contact someone who has opened my email, or contact them another way if they haven't.  And I don't have to depend on THEM to bother to send a Return Receipt, as other programs do.  It cuts out the 'embarrassment' of calling someone and talking about a subject and they have no idea of what you're referring to.  All the times that I've needed someone to read the email BEFORE I call them and start referring to it's contents are now a thing of the past.  And even just socially following up on the punchline of funny informal emails.  Makes even ME look SMART!!

Fabusend also has plenty of software "plug ins" so that it's compatible with any combination of emails or browsers for, as many people do, I have several computers, with each one set up slightly differently from the others.  Business, portable, or home - it doesn't matter, they have it covered. PLUS, the benefit of being able to send email with Fabusend from SOMEONE ELSE'S computer that HASN'T been set up.  This is ANOTHER great benefit.

Adding my easy to spot'n'use "Live Links" on each email is just a free bonus!  People can instantly go directly to any of my websites just by clicking an easy to spot button on my email header.  The team even worked with me on my own custom design, and did a GREAT job!! These guys have taken it ALL THE WAY.

I want to PERSONALLY thank Sean, Henry, and the rest of the gang, as well as Real Estate Coach Radio, for doing it right.  I've been using Fabusend "fanatically" and I must say, that apart from the obvious business advantages… I'm even getting MORE compliments than the old style received.  I find that remarkable, and as you can probably tell: I couldn't be happier!

VERY sincerely,

Travis Parker

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