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read confirmation for tracked and branded email

You'll know if & when your emails get opened, by whom, and even how many times, thanks to our Invisible Tracking technology, which gets engineered right into your email letterhead.  And for unopened emails, special reverse-tracking tells you that, too, and provides a call to action.

Know what action to take

When you even know how many times they have viewed your email, you can gauge their interest…and take the right action: like knowing when to call, and when not to call. - Priceless information!

Make every call a warm call from now on!

It's proven that follow-up calls are 3 times more effective "after" a prospect has already read your advance email.  Knowing this, in addition to your smiling face they've now seen in their inbox, takes the "cold call" out of it altogether.

Peace of mind

No more wondering if they got it or not…much like registered mail, know for a fact if your email was opened or not.

See Unread Confirmation Notice:

Reverse Tracking Feature

Another Fabusend exclusive!  Not only will you know when your emails get opened, but our special "reverse tracking" tells you when your emails do not get opened, and provides you with a call-to-action, to fix it!

If 48 hours goes by, and your branded email has not been opened, our system will tell you by sending you an "unread" tracking notice.  You can then automatically re-send that email (subject line: "Courtesy Re-Send"), with just 1 click!  It goes in "plain text" format and includes a link to your original branded message.  When your recipient clicks on this link, your original branded email gets displayed in a browser for them.  This also generates a positive tracking notice to you…so you know it was successful.  It even includes a unique "Safe Sender Suggestion" -which helps ensure your branded emails always get received as intended; in the first place.

Email tracking automatically comes to you by default, and you can control the settings!

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*Fabusend Invisible Tracking is extremely accurate but, like call display, cannot be guaranteed to work every time.

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