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These are Live Links:

Imagine Having a Moving Website…

Live Links are special "hot-linked", interactive buttons that get added to your email letterhead…making it act like a moving website. 

Your clients can (and will) click on them and get taken straight to your website, or other online destinations of your choice.


Instantly & Dramatically Increase Your Website Traffic!

- That's because it's a Push-Pull technology.  Websites "sit still" waiting for visitors…but email "moves".  Only Fabusend Live Links connects all of your emails to your website, so now you can automatically convert email recipients into website visitors. With Fabusend, each email "pushed" out…is another web visitor "pulled" in…

Social Media Step 1

Shown above is the latest, Web 2.0 style of the Social Media-driven, Live Link icons.  Again, email recipients can click on these cool icons, and instantly get taken straight to your FaceBook page, your Twitter page, YouTube channel or video, your Blog or your LinkedIn profile…

Top Uses Include Selling and Recruiting

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