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Imagine this is YOUR Smart Letterhead:

Referral Royalties Example

You get one of these!

It's your Referral link, which comes with your special Referral Pay Code (RPC) embedded into it.  When people click on your Referral link, 3 things happen:

1.  They get taken to the Fabusend website.
2.  Your RPC automatically gets loaded into the Fabusend order page, dynamically cutting the price of Fabusend in half for them.
3.  You get paid $40.00* if they sign up!

It gets even better!

Each year as they renew their Fabusend subscription, you continue to get paid Royalties on that same sale:  $20.00 per year to a maximum of 3 years.  That's why we call it Referral Royalties, because it continues to pay you, over & over again!


You can earn up to $100.00* for every person that signs up through your Referral link.

*Applies to all annual sign ups. Monthly sign ups also fully qualify but are subject to a 12 month hold period for payout.


5 rock solid reasons why Referral Royalties™ works:

  • Email Moves. Unlike websites which sit still, emails move. Experience has taught us that if you want to get a message out there, you better be dealing in the things that move.
  • Impact. People are conditioned to seeing plain black & white e-mails.  As you can imagine, Fabusend branded color emails have enormous impact on people, sort of like HD TV versus B&W. They see yours and wonder how they can get Fabusend for their own email.
  • Benefit. People get the maximum discount (half price!), only through you and your Referral link.  They also become empowered to earn Fabusend Referral Royalties™ themselves.
  • Instant Gratification. People see something awesome, they click, and they 'Get it Now'.  They do not fool around with coupons, typing codes, or having to learn things.
  • Accountability. You can log in to your Fabusend Dashboard, 24 x 7, to see how much money you are owed, who signed up by first & last name as well as their email address.

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